On this page of our blog, we hope to answer any questions about the adoption process, adopting debt free, Poland, etc... If you have a question that you would like us to answer please leave them in the comment section below.


What is a dossier? What paperwork is needed for it?

What is a home study? 

How did you format your application letter to the National Adoption Center in Poland?

Did you send out a letter to your family and friends setting expectations for when you return home from Poland?

Adoption Laws by State: A helpful guide


Are there other blogs about adopting from Poland?

What is the process to adopt from Poland?

What was shopping like in Poland? 

How did you convert your U.S. cash to Zloty? 

What are some meals you cooked while in Poland? 

What is the cost of living in Poland? 

Where to find shows in Polish?

10 Must Pack Items for a Winter Trip to Europe

Average Temperatures in Poland by Month

Is Netflix available in Poland? 

What are important dates or holidays we need to be aware of when we travel to Poland? 
-Click here for a comprehensive list of all the holidays in Poland.

How to pack for Poland during the winter resource guide 

Downloadable Travel Brochures for Poland (in English!)

Are there any American restaurants in Poland?
-How about American stores?

I have food allergies/sensitivities. Can Poland accommodate my needs?


Printable Packing List

Great Questions to Ask Before You Travel

How to pack all your clothes on your carry on

What did you pack for your adoption trip? 

What are some things you wished you had packed? (updated 3/2/16)

What medicines did you pack? Did you bring a first aid kit?

What are some good games and toys to bring for adoption travel? 
-Click here for a more updated post.

How much Polish did you learn before you traveled?

How did you learn Polish before you traveled? What type of programs did you use/buy?

How did you prepare your daughter for the airplane ride?

Did you give your daughter Benadryl for the long plane ride home from Poland?

What size clothing should I bring for my child: European to U.S. clothing conversion chart

What's TSA's protocol for traveling with children?  

What are some extras that we could bring on our Poland adoption?

Foster Parents

What are some good questions to ask your child's foster parents?

What gifts did you bring for the foster parents/orphanage workers?

We are invited to our child's foster parents' house for dinner. What should we expect?


What are some questions the judge asked you in court?

What was adoption court like in Poland?

What did you wear to adoption court (in Poland)?

How long was adoption court in Poland?

After Court

What does a medical exam for a visa clearance look like?

What was the U.S. embassy like? Was the visa interview difficult?

How long does it take to get a visa?

What was going through immigration like?

What happens after the appeal period? What is needed to be able to come home?

Do not bring this candy back to the US in your suitcase

At Home

How long does it take to receive your child's Certificate of Citizenship?

How to apply for your adopted child's social security number?

How hard is it to get your child's social security number? 
-Update #1
-Update #2

How did you file for recognition of foreign adoption?
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 (this includes our petition that we submitted to juvenile court)

How to get a U.S. passport for an adopted child?

Post Adoption Interview Questions

How do you incorporate Polish culture into your family?

How to translate my child's vaccine record from Polish to English?

I couldn't bring back any Polish pottery because it would break or we didn't have room. Where can I find it in the U.S.?

Where can I find Polish restaurants in the U.S.? 

How do you keep your child sane with all of the doctor's appointments when you first come home?


Why don't you (frequently) talk about your daughter on your blog?

How did you pay cash for your adoption?

Did you give your daughter Benadryl for the long plane ride home from Poland? 

Did you put your child into speech therapy when you got back?

How did we celebrate our first adoptiversary?

How was the first year of motherhood?

Was it love at first sight with your daughter? 

What was your adoption timeline?

How do you incorporate Polish Christmas traditions with your own traditions?

A letter to Smalls' teachers

13 Things that help me to survive the first year home with Smalls

Adopting Debt Free

Our Story: How we paid cash for our adoption

Internet and Netflix
-One Year Update (on life w/o internet)

Clean Out the Freezer and Pantry

Use Your Unwanted Change

Lower Your Energy Bill

Garage Sale 

Budget Friendly Recipes

Grocery Budget

Grocery Shopping List 

Adoption Shower

Collect Aluminum Cans

Adoption Scrap Book 

Don't break the bank with buying a wedding present! Here is an inexpensive idea.

Don't Neglect Your Retirement

Affording Adoption Group

Your Cellphone Bill

A Sign That Every Kitchen Needs And Can Save You Money! 

Paper Towels-Grocery Budget Killer!


20 Unconventional ideas to make money for your adoption

Adoption Fundraising Tips


Learning a New Language 

Adoption Scrap Book

2015 Calendar/Planner

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