Friday, November 14, 2014

Preparing Your Child For the Plane Ride to America

How did you all prepare your daughter for the airplane ride?

We played airplane, of course. We practiced giving our ticket to the gate, putting our suitcase underneath the seat, having the stewardess come around with drinks and snacks, and of course we took turns flying the airplane. My daughter's stuffed animals became passengers. We made it fun and not a scary event. My daughter was really excited because she had never even seen an airplane up close before let alone ride one! We also showed her youtube videos and pictures of what it's like inside the airplane (all about feeling in control).

She was so pumped to get on the airplane! She stayed awake as long as she could on the plane. The one thing that we couldn't prepare her for was going to the bathroom on the airplane. That's a hard thing to practice. So whenever she went to the restroom I had to go with her and a small space just got smaller!  Seriously, they should make bigger bathrooms on the airplanes. Maybe have one family sized one on each plane. She got to watch movies, she got to drink coke, although her eating habits were horrible so we had to feed her the airplane food (I know, not the best tasting food, but it's at least an 8 hour plane ride with no McDonald's).

Did we give her Benadryl? No, but click here for a previous post about it.

Here's a great blog about flying with children from a former attendant:
(You may have to scroll a bit to get to the children part)

Keep the questions coming, ya'll!

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