Our Adoption Timeline

Click here for our 1st Poland Adoption Timeline.

Our current adoption timeline:

10/19/14-Praying for direction, actively advocating for the millions of orphans, and helping others to adopt without debt.


  1. Love Dr. Karyn Purvis, glad you added that. I went through trauma training at the beginning of March and I am going to Lancaster, PA for training with Dr. Purvis in April. She is a great resource, especially for Christian families. I am going to keep reading about your blog...do you write at all about your adjustments and some of the harder times, or do you keep that as a part of your child's story (and don't share)? Does your daughter have any special needs?

    1. Yea, I really enjoy Dr. Purvis' research. I am considering writing about our child's experiences (w/o major specifics), especially the harder times, because a lot of blogs show the good times with them (in my opinion happens 5% of the time) and then the blogs don't talk about the other 95% (the hard times). I don't mind sharing our experience through email (saraidotbarnettatgmaildotcom). I would consider my child to have minor special needs, because of the trauma that she has experienced (we had a "rare" adoption case in Poland). You can email me and I can give you more specifics.