This blog is a collection of articles that I have found helpful parenting a child from the hard place, articles about Poland and adopting from Poland, and posts that I write about our experiences.

I have found many articles that have given me encouragement and advice along our parenting journey. Parenting a child from the hard place is not an easy task with lots of rewards. I am in the trenches day in and out, loving and showing love to my daughter. I know others who are doing the same for their children. I hope this blog is an encouragement to others in the trenches as well.

In addition to parenting and Poland, I also blog about our homeschooling experience. Homeschooling a child with trauma is not a normal homeschool adventure. Like parenting an easy to love but hard to raise child, teaching children with trauma backgrounds has it's own special challenges.

If you have a specific question about our life, homeschooling, Poland, adoption or parenting an easy to love but hard to raise child, please email me at  sarai dot barnett at gmail dot com.

About Sarai

1. I like coffee!

2. I like cats.

3. I rearrange the furniture in my house every 3 months.

4. I teach English as a second language.

5. I want to live in a foreign country.

6. If I didn't have my crockpot, my family would starve.

7. I am a part time office worker at our local pediatric office.

8. I homeschool our daughter, Smalls.

9. My favorite shows are Castle, Burn Notice, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine Nine, White Collar, My Cat from Hell, most house decorating shows, and Modern Family.

10. I read neuro-psych books in my spare time.

11. I am fascinated with the human brain. I just want to learn all about it!

12. I have the super power of spending less than $300 a month for all of our grocery needs (paper and cleaning supplies included!).

13. I struggle with parenting an adopted child. It's the hardest thing that I've ever done.

14. Merlin, my cat, is my best freind.

15. I've lived in New Orleans for 8 years and counting.

16. I am sarcastic and it doesn't translate well with my literal 10 year old.

17. I'm an introvert. Sometimes people suck the life out of me and I need to retreat back to #14.

18. And I'm an extrovert. I love to talk to people.

19. I like to plan and host parties.

20. I like to study hermeneutics.

21. I like to drink sweet tea. I have a great McAlister's copy cat if you're interested.

22. I am learning to speak and write in Polish. Dzien Dobry! Jak sie masz? Troche mowie po polsku. Czy rozumiesz po polsku?

23. I like to study Polish history. Poland has a very, very, very long history.

24. When I tell people that I have a 10 year old daughter, they usually give me a weird look because they assume that I gave birth to her when I was 15 years old.

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