This is our collection of "everything you want to know (and then some) about Poland and Polish customs". If there is a tradition you want to know more about, please email me or post in the comments.

Polish Language, Culture and Etiquette 

Medical Emergency in Poland: What You Need To Know

25 Things We Love About Poland

45 Interesting Facts About Poland 

10 Awesome Facts About Poland

Republic of Poland

Polish Language

Poland's Orphans

Polish Culture

Polish City Pronunciations For Dummies 

Polish Talk Radio

Pope John Paull II  

What Type of Music do Poles Listen to?

Poland is a Part of the Hague Adoption Convention

Polish Radio Station

Polish to English Vaccines Translation

Shopping In Poland

Shopping in Poland Part 2

Why do Polish store clerks ask for exact change?

Hello Kitty Rumor

Winnie the Pooh Banned from a Polish Playground 

Rubella Outbreak Notice and New TB Test Requirements for Adopted Children

European to U.S. Clothing Size Conversion Chart 

Polish Citizenship and Passport Information

Poland Travel Website and Blog

Grocery Store Shopping: Ethnic Foods Aisle

Easy And Cheap Meals While In Country 

What is the cost of Living in Poland?

Restaurant Delivery Service in Warsaw

Famous Poles and People of Polish Roots

Americans Try To Pronounce Polish Cities

The Numbers on Polish Eggs 

Local-Life (see where the locals like to eat and stay) 

The Soldier Bear

Polish Lullaby: Kotki Dwa 

2015 and 2016 Polish Holidays 

Rick Steve's Travel Through Europe: Poland

10 Polish meals from 10 Polish regions

7 Wonders of Poland

Polish Food Glossary 

Polish Wedding Traditions

A Foreigner's Guide to Polish Weddings

Poland coloring sheets (for those heritage projects for school!)

Wigilia/Christmas in Poland

Wildlife in Poland

Strange Polish Birth Customs 

Find Polish restaurants near you!

Things to do in/or around Warsaw:

Copernicus Science Center

The Zoo

Blue City Mall

Free FUN activities to do in your neighborhood

The Planetarium

Old Town and New Town Warsaw

Golden Terraces, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Saxon Gardens, Palace of Culture and Science

Check out the city that you're staying in!

Our Favorite Place

Near the U.S. Embassy

Kid Friendly Activities in Warsaw

Other Cities:
Crooked Forest in Gryfino, Poland

What to do and see in Krakow in 48 hours

Old Car Cemetery near Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Top 10 Things to do in Poland 

If you had 24 hours in Gdansk

10 Facts About Lodz

Live Butterfly Museum near Krakow 

Best of Katowice

Alternative Guide to Krakow

Things to do in Poznan

Wroclaw City Resources

10 Best Hotels in Gdansk


Poland's Flag

Map of Poland


  1. Hi there, I'd love to talk to you via email. We've been contacted by Lifeline regarding a unique situation in Poland and have just begun researching adoption from there. I can't seem to find a way to email you... Thank you!

    1. Email me at sarai dot barnett at gmail dot com. I would love to chat with you!