We try to homeschool for free as much as possible. I hope to keep adding more resources to this page that have been helpful to us in homeschool. I consider us a special needs homeschooling family because of the past trauma and other disabilities that Smalls has. If you have any homeschooling resources for special needs, please, PLEASE post them in the comment section. I'm in dire need of curriculum ideas and general advice in this department.

1st Grade:
1st Grade Lesson Planner
(I am working on posting our curriculum. It was my first real year and it was a doozy!)

2nd Grade:
2nd Grade Lesson Planner
2nd Grade Curriculum 
-Revised Curriculum (because when you are teaching a special needs child anything goes!)

Other Resources:
Sticky Note Lesson Planner

40 Week Homeschool Lesson Planner

Art Resources

Advent Calendar 

Storytime Boxes 

Zoo Field Trip Worksheets 

Virtual Field Trips 

Learning About Other Countries 

8 Magic Keys When Teaching Someone With FASD 

Fall Sensory Play Ideas

8 items than help us get through the school day

40 Science Activities for Kids

School Assignment Checklist

Engineering for Kids 

Homeschool Mental Health Day Activities (you know, for when you are having a bad day)

Science Paper Crafts

Free Math Worksheets


Free Full Homeschool Curriculum

Stories Online

Poland Coloring Sheets (for heritage projects)
-also see Family Trees for nontraditional families

World History Curriculum (free)

Alternative Resources for Dissection with Kids 

Christmas Bible Reading Plan for Children 

Christmas Unit Study

Resources for Teaching History

Teaching Calendar 

Free Phonics Assessment

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