Wednesday, July 22, 2015

School Assignment Checklist

During the school day, Smalls always wants to know what we are doing and how many more items she needs to complete after each task. She has to (physically) count how many items left, every single time, we complete a task. It's a compulsive need to be in control of her environment. And it drives me nuts. She spends more time counting how many things she needs to do rather than just doing the work and getting finished at a faster pace.

Having this checklist has saved my sanity. When she is done with an item, she puts a check mark by it. She no longer has to ask me how many more or what we are doing next. She can look on the list and pick a subject out that she wants to work on.

For those of you who struggle with their children on what they need to do during the school day, this checklist can be a life saver or sanity saver! I know it says homework checklist at the top, but disregard that, us homeschoolers don't have homework!

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