Thursday, July 30, 2015

2nd Grade Homeschool Planner

I am using a similar one that I used last year for 1st grade. I started making our 2nd grade lesson planner last year while we were still in 1st grade and before I found this awesome printable version. I will print this out for next year and make our 3rd grade lesson planner from it. I absolutely love to use sticky notes with an unpredictable child. I can make plans, great plans, but if Smalls is not feeling it for the day, everything goes out the window!

So, here's our 2nd grade lesson planner:

You'll notice that I've added additional tabs to this lesson planner than last years. I've divided the 36 weeks of school into 6, 6 weeks. At the end of each 6 weeks, I have a major review to see how much Smalls has learned and what topics we need extra practice in. In the back of this planner (not pictured), I've included a couple of pages to document summer work that we will complete next summer, a place for grades or completion check marks, and a list of books and resources that we've used for this year. My goal is to keep this planner so I don't have to plan 2nd grade again.

I absolutely love this planner! I can't recommend it enough!

I also have fun-shaped sticky notes that I can put over my original plans if Smalls is having a rough day or an activity didn't work out as planned. I want to be able to keep a detailed plan for the next child (maybe?) or if the state of Louisiana ever wants to know exactly what we are doing.

What are you using this year to plan? Do you make your own or do you buy one pre-made?

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