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This is our collection of posts, websites, and blogs that help encourage, educate, and support families who have adopted or are foster parents. As an adoptive family, we know it is very important to stay connected with other adoptive families and professionals for support and education.

If you have a great resource website, book, or blog, please post them in the comment section.


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Websites/Online Articles

Virtual Friend Encouragement (You are not alone!) 

Orphan Nutrition 

Interpreting Medical History Records, Psych and Educational Evaluations

Adopting the Older Child and Sibling Groups 

Parenting an Adopted Child Resource Blog

Speech Therapy 

Occupational Therapy

Gotcha Day: An Adoptee's Perspective

Teaching Your Children About Adoption

What if your adopted child sexually acts out? 

Realistic Expectations for the First Year Home

What it's like to live with someone who has FASD

8 Magic Keys for FASD Kids 

32 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Adoption Agency

Adoption Process

Our 1st Poland Adoption Timeline

Filing for Recognition of Foreign Adoption


Affording Your Adoption

20 Unconventional ideas for raising money for your adoption

Apps that make YOU money for your adoption

10 Adoption Fundraising Tips

Parenting Your Adopted Child

Meltdown Baskets  

Weekly Schedule

Fall Sensory Play Ideas 

Emotion Plates 

Sensory Jars 

Sensory Bag

Homemade Playdoh

Glitter/Time Out Bottles

Reminder Notebook

My Hypervigilant Child Won't Go to Sleep! 

How to Recognize Your Hidden Emotions

Tips for Adopted/Foster Care Kids and the Holidays 

Blanket Training 

Reminder Notes Around My House

Calming Youtube Video

Post Adoption Depression Syndrome

Ever Had a Bad Day?

Sleep Issues/Sleep Training

Morning Time/Night Time List

Sensory Processing Disorder Video 

Auditory Processing Disorder Video 

Animal Cruelty

Adoption at the Movies Guide (a database of movie reviews that inform you of adoption triggers for your child-great blog!) 

Adoptive Parenting Tips for New Parents:
#1 Make your child feel safe
#2 Grieve with your child
#3 Triggers
#4 They may not like you
#5 Laws of Adoption
#6 Potty Training
#7 When the strategies don't work
#8 Survival mode

Adoption Blogs
If you or someone you know would like to be added to this list, please email me or leave a comment. We hope to connect families together who are adopting from Poland and/or who have great ideas for saving for their adoption. 

Cathrine from Tennessee at
Cat is currently assisting New Beginnings International with finding qualified families for their Poland program. So often, there are more children available for adoption than there are families. If you are interested in more information about New Beginnings International, you can contact Cat via her email on her "About Me" page.

The Nicely family in Indiana at

Erika at


Health Insurance Coverage for your Adopted Child

Travel Medical Kit (for adoption travel)

The Black Notebook 

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