Saturday, March 8, 2014

Parenting an Adopted Child Resource Blog

OK, I am sorry I have been posting a LOT of links to other websites, but this week I keep finding really good ones. And I better post them before I forget about them.

If any of you out there has read the Connected Child book, adopted/foster care, and then realized that the Connected Child is a great resource but I still need more help with my child's behavior. Here is your answer. This website gives great advice and techniques for all kinds of issues your adopted child may be facing. Anyone who has adopted a child from a "hard place" needs encouragement, support, and education on how best to deal with strange behaviors. This website has been a life saver for our family.

Here it is:

This website acts as a blog. It has posts almost everyday from adoption professionals. Every Friday they post a "weekend reading list", where you can read articles to encourage and educate you about your adopted child. They even have a place where you can ask questions to the adoption professionals, which will be posted. This is one blog that I will be following. 

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