Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Adopting the Older Child and Sibling Groups

Here is another great article that I found browsing the web. I wish I read this right after we adopted our little girl. I now feel like a "normal adoptive family" who adopted an older child.


#1 on the list is something we struggle with a lot. Our little girl did not even want to be with us in the United States for a couple of months. I thought I was a terrible adoptive mom when I didn't feel love towards my adoptive child. And not to mention the "second thoughts". There have been many times I have thought "what have I done?" or "am I capable of raising an adoptive child?", or "did I make a mistake".

And I really like the "start chores as soon as your child gets home". I know that one has helped our daughter feel valuable and have a place in our family. Not to mention taking ownership in her new home.

If you are considering adopting an older child or a sibling group, this article will give you a great picture of what it's like-very much like.

For more adoption resources, click here.

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