Monday, October 20, 2014

Our 1st Poland Adoption Timeline

7/1/11- We decided to adopt (debt free!). Let the saving and fundraising begin!

08/08/12 - Application sent to LifeLine.

08/13/12 - Application Accepted.

09/13/12 - 1st Homestudy Visit.
                 -What is a home study?
09/17/12 - FBI Clearances.

10/07/12- Completed Online Hague Adoption Training.

10/12/12- 2nd Homestudy Visit.

10/18/12- 3rd Homestudy Visit.

10/20/12- International Adoption Clinic training completed.

10/26/12- Louisiana State Clearances.

10/29/12- Completed reading The Connected Child by Dr. Karyn Purvis. Great Book!

12/21/12-Homestudy Officially Complete. Took almost 4 months!

2/17/13-Immigration Clearance

3/11/13-Dossier Received at Lifeline

4/1/13-Dossier is in the process of being translated.

4/12/13-We are registered with the National Adoption Center in Poland. Now we wait to be matched!

5/12/13- It's been 1 month and we are waiting to be matched.

6/12/13- We have a match! And we said yes!

7/1/13- We received the official referral for a 7 year old girl.

7/3/13- Sent off our 800 packet to USCIS for provisional approval.

7/22/13- Received provisional approval. We are waiting on some more paperwork to be received (may take 2 weeks) so we can set a court date.

8/15/13- We have a court date set! We hope to share details soon.

8/31/13- Arrived in Poland!

9/4/13- Bonding period begins with our daughter.

9/26/13- Court Day! We gave our testimonies but the judge couldn't rule because of paperwork issues. The ruling is set for next week.

10/5/13- Court Day! (Ruled in our favor!) Now the 2 week appeal period begins.

10/18/13- Gotcha Day! She is officially ours!

10/21/13- We have her birth certificate.

10/23/13- Medical Exam complete and blood work drawn for TB. We wait for the results to set up our visa appointment at the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw.

10/24/13- Birth certificate had some misspellings. Our in country facilitator drove across the country early this morning to get a new one. Received PESOL number and applied for the Polish passport. May take a week, we pray that it won't!

10/29/13- Received passport and medical exam complete with blood test results.

10/30/13- U.S. Embassy appointment for visa.  We didn't get visa because of paperwork issues (we needed a full birth certificate not the short birth certificate). Hopefully tomorrow we will have it!

10/31/13- Submitted all paperwork to U.S. Embassy. We pray that it is all correct. We have been in Poland for 2 whole months! Update: We have visa in hand!! Now waiting on that airplane ride.

11/1/13- We fly home today!

11/2/13- We're home! Now we begin the court process for re-adoption.

12/24/13- It's been over 50 days and our Certificate of Citizenship has not come in the mail.

2/15/14- Certificate of Citizenship finally came!

2/17/14- Applied for Social Security number (takes 2 weeks to receive)

4/10/14- We finally got our daughter's social security number! Click here to see why it took so long. Time to gather up all of our paperwork and file for recognition of foreign adoption at our local court.

5/21/14- Filed for recognition of foreign adoption with our local juvenile court. We are almost COMPLETE with this adoption!

5/29/14- We received the court decree of our recognition of foreign adoption! It took only a week! Now we wait for vital records to contact us about the birth certificate.

6/24/14- DCFS mailed us a form to sign for the Louisiana birth certificate. We mailed it back and now wait for our original to be mailed to us.

6/25/14-Applied for a U.S. passport. May take b/t 4-6 weeks.

9/3/14- More adoption challenges. Click here to see why we don't have our daughter's birth certificate and passport.

9/15/14- Signed another birth certificate application because our first one-from 2 months ago-had white out on it. We also checked on our daughter's passport status. Click here for more details.

9/30/14- We have the birth certificate and the passport! Happy dance!

10/3/14- Our 1st Post Adoption visit with our social worker to let Poland know how our daughter is doing.

10/18/14- Our First Adoptiversary!

11/2/14- One year home update.

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