Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Apps That Make YOU Money for Your Adoption

1. Grocery Apps
This a wonderful concept! Submit your grocery receipts and get money in the bank! Here are some grocery apps that I am currently using:

Receipt Hog


Checkout 51


2. Gigwalk

3. NiceTalk and Nicetalk Jr
This is an easy way to make money. This is a Chinese app that lets Chinese students practice their English with you. If you can communicate well and can help someone learn English, then this is for you!

4. Viggle
Get paid listening to music or watching TV!

5. GymPact
Yes, please pay me to work out! I need the motivation to exercise.

6. PalFish
This is similar to NiceTalk Tutor, but with this app you can set your own rate. With NiceTalk you get a flat $10 per hour, but with Palfish you can set your own price. You might want to start out in the lower end of prices until you have enough experience. Then you can bump up your pay. With using this app, we get more calls than NiceTalk. And with these types of apps more calls = more money.

7. Mobee
Please use my referral code if you decide to sign up: 5GVL

8. SlideJoy
Does getting paid for using your phone sound like a good deal? I thought so too, which is why I signed up. If there's an easy and passive way for me to make money (and if it's legit!), I'm all for it. I love this app! I've been using this app for a week now and I already made $1! It is a way better deal than taking boring surveys for a penny. I'm hoping to score lots of gift cards to help pay for Christmas this year!

9. TaskRabbit
Get paid doing someone's unwanted task! I haven't tried this yet, but it has great reviews online. The only caveat with this is that it is limited to 19 cities and my city isn't one of them :(.

10. Field Agent

11. Joy Rewards 
Please use my referral code: 2743550, if you decide to join.

These are the only apps that I'm aware of and that's legit that can make you money or gift cards. If you know more, please let me know and I'll post them.  


  1. Hi everyone,
    If somebody’s still thinking whether to try work for it, here’s the only experience i had working for them:
    After i earned certain amount (on the app system) , i’ve claimed the money to Paypal account (the only way to receive money from the app, no other ways). I haven’t finished the procedure of claiming completely, due to the need of changing Paypal account to another one. Then the money has been returned to the sender (NiceTalk) as they’d notified me in advance. The customer service representative said ‘there’s no problem if i want to receive the money on another account – then once i changed it, let the customer service know. So i did, i’ve changed my paypal and then tried to open NiceTalk app, and that never happened anymore. Now, when i try to log in to my account again, the app says: “Your account has been suspended”. When contacting customer service regarding this issue, the completely another representative (Jelly) replied, saying that they’ve paid to me, and now, to make my existing account accessible for me again, i have to create completely new one. No one even notified me that if that soon my account’s gonna be somehow “suspended”. Recently they’ve sent me payment to claim again, which doesn’t work at all. I can’t claim my money for a month already. Dear NiceTalk, you were certainly going to have a great future with this app, but don’t only think about the customers as learners of this app (those who pay for tuition), i suggest to think about the customers as teacher too (those, who use it as teachers). Otherwise, my complaint won’t be the last complaint at all.

    1. Wow, sounds like you had a lot of trouble like me with Nicetalk. I switched over to Palfish and it is a better experience. Plus I am making a lot more money with Palfish than Nicetalk. http://barnettadopt.blogspot.com/2016/03/my-new-job-teaching-english-online.html