Monday, June 22, 2015

Adoptive Parenting Tip #5: 10 Laws of Adoption

Like the law of gravity, physics and other scientific things, we need some laws of adoption.

1. Your child will not sleep. This one is pretty much guaranteed.
2. You will loose it on your adopted child. No parents are perfect, but add traumatized kids to the mix and you are bound to go crazy.
3. Your child will pee on something (whether you know it or not)
4. Your child will break something because they're mad.
5. Your child may not like you.
6. Your child will say hurtful things to you.
7. You will lose some of your friends (even church ones!) because your child is out of control.
8. You will need support and someone to take care of you.
9. Your child will constantly amaze you at the level they will go to get your attention or get their way.
10. Others will not understand why you parent differently.

What else can we add to the list?

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