Sunday, November 16, 2014

Teaching Your Children about Adoption

Here is great article that I read today about teaching your children about their adoption story. The article gives great advice about the importance of teaching or coaching our adopted children how to handle tough questions from their peers.

Ok, funny story. Obviously, I'm white and obviously my daughter is white. We do have similar features, so we don't experience the "adoption-race" criticism that other adoptive families may experience like in this article. We, my daughter and I, visit the playground frequently. My daughter will play with other children her age and I will occasionally strike up a conversation with the other moms. The other moms usually think that I'm her older sister or her baby sitter. I inform them that she is in fact my daughter. At that moment, I can see their brains doing the math of how old I look  and how old my daughter looks to figure out if I got pregnant when I was a teenager, or I will get the "wow, you must have been young when she was born" comment. I usually pipe up and say that she was recently adopted. And they usually reply with an "oh, yea, ok". So I may not get the whole "race-adoption comments" but I do get the teenage pregnancy ones! I didn't think about that when we decided to adopt an older child. If you are thinking about adopting older children in your twenties be prepared for teenage pregnancy comments!

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