Thursday, July 30, 2015

Homeschool Mental Health Days

It's inevitable. Everyone has bad days. Homeschooling an adopted child who's experienced trauma is no different. Sometimes I feel like we have more than our fair share of bad days because of it. Smalls can consciously or sub-consciously remember her trauma and when she does, she can be a basket case full of emotions. Trying to perform in school will be an added stressor that will send her over the edge.

What do you do when your child is having a bad day? Cancel school? Wouldn't that reinforce the wrong idea?

I have been thinking all summer about this dilemma because I know it's going to happen. Smalls will get in a funk and not be able to participate in traditional school or the plans I have for the day. I've scoured the internet and asked several facebook groups that I'm apart of to find other options for us to do. I will call this our plan b.

Here's a list of ideas that we can do instead of traditional school:
Virtual Field Trip
Nature Walk Crafts
Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt
Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt #2
Watch Educational Videos
Pick a topic. Research it and write 1 paragraph about it. Add a drawing or art about the topic (if it applies).
Read aloud a book
Put on a play with stuffed animals
Create Lego art. Build something crazy!
Paint a self portrait
Learn to Cook
Try to replicate a famous artist's artwork
Use playdoh and sculpt a famous statue
Make a card for a family member or friend. Don't forget to mail it to them!
Pick a science project or a experiment
Watch a science video
Learn how to draw
Make slime
or make something from this list
Make a passport and pick a country to "travel". Learn about their culture, food, and way of life.
Play a game
See who can catch the most popcorn or cheeseballs in their mouth (adult supervision required because it could be a choking hazard)
Bean bag toss (this can work on their hand-eye coordination)

What could you add to this list?

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