Saturday, March 15, 2014

Grocery Store Shopping in Poland: Ethnic Foods Aisle

Earlier this morning I was reminiscing about our stay in Poland. We were staying in a small town outside of Warsaw. There really wasn't much to do on Friday nights except go out to eat or watch T.V. Like any other small town in the U.S.A., you might venture off to Walmart on Friday nights, because you want something to do on FRIDAY night and not stay at home.

On one of those trips, I've discovered the ethnic foods aisles at Tesco (it's very similar to Wal-mart and they are probably the only grocery store open on Friday night). This discovery was the BEST thing ever! They had Tabasco sauce (from Avery Island, LA), tortilla chips, salsa, and cheese dip! Yea, foods from home! And I'm sure they had some others items, but these stuck out to me the most. These items were ridiculously expensive, but we would treat ourselves every other week or so.

If you are traveling to Poland or if you're in Poland right now, check out the ethnic foods department at Tesco. And please post anything great that you find in the comments.

On a side note, does anybody know of any ethnic foods stores in Poland? Or a great restaurant or grocery store that has American comfort foods?

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