Monday, June 16, 2014

Adopt Debt Free: Your Cellphone Bill

Everyone needs to have a cell phone to get around these days. Most houses have disconnected their land line and only use their cellphone as their primary form of communication. So how can you adopt debt free with your cellphone bill?

Please Note: The following information is how Wes and I are able to save money on cellphone costs. It may not be economical for you to have "our plan", especially if you need to run your business with your cellphone.

Cellphone companies are in the business to rip you off and take all your money. I'm pretty sure that is their purpose here on the earth. There is no reason to have a cellphone bill that is $100 or more each month for 2 people. We had to do some extensive research of different phone companies and plans to figure out what we could afford. We decided that pre-paid phones are a great fit for us. So let me share how we use our pre-paid phones.

For the last couple of years, I have been using At&t go phone, no contract, pre-paid plan for $25 a month (includes 250 minutes and unlimited text messaging). About a year ago, we have been needing to save a little more money so I have dropped the $25/month plan and started using Republic Wireless. We get data, unlimited text and call for $20 a month for each phone ($40/month for 2 phones). Republic Wireless encourages you to connect to the wifi around you, which we try to do especially with free internet at the library. If you are looking for free wifi to connect to try Freedompop. Unfortunately it's not in our area so I can't comment on how great it is, but I do hear good things about it.

In addition to using Republic wireless, we use skype or google voice, which is totally FREE!!

Random fact: If you have a Republic Wireless phone and you travel overseas, you can connect to the wifi around you and make your phone calls-no international special phone needed or buying minutes! This is what we used to make phone calls to our family while we were in Poland or we used skype.

Now for those with kids and teenagers. If your child or teenager really wants to have his or her phone, let them get a job washing cars or mowing grass to pay for it. It teaches them responsibility with their finances. If a phone is worth mowing 3 or 4 lawns a month to have, let them be responsible and work for it. It is a great incentive for them to gain work experience. And instead of paying $30 or more on a cellphone for your child each month, put that money towards their college education. They will definitely appreciate that a whole lot later down the road. Having your child work for his or her cellphone, especially if you as a family are adopting, is one way that the child can help contribute to help bring home the newest family member(s).

Now if you choose to completely do away with your phone, mad props to you! I don't think I am ready for that level of frugalness, although I am getting close. But if you do want to completely do away with your cellphone, keep your old one charged up in the car for emergencies. Even though you may not have any minutes on the phone, it will still be able to dial 911 if there is an emergency.

How much money have we saved with Republic Wireless?

Our monthly cellphone bill (for 2 phones): $40
Average monthly cellphone bill (for 2 phones): $100

That's $60/month! $720 a year! That is a good chunk of change. Is your smart phone worth the cost? I know that I am perfectly fine with mine!

Here are some online articles about cellphones that have helped us:

Are you paying too much for cellphone service? What is your bill like? Can you get it lower?

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