Monday, June 2, 2014

Recognition of Foreign Adoption Part 2

On Saturday, we received the court decree of the recognition of foreign adoption by mail. The judge at our local juvenile court signed the decree on Thursday. Happy dance! It only took 1 week for the judge to sign it. Now we wait for a call from Vital Records about my daughter's birth certificate, which should be in the next few weeks.

What's next? Anything else to do or that needs to be done? Technically, NO! We are finished!

But since you asked, here are our plans:
1. Go out to eat and celebrate!
2. Apply for her U.S. passport. Technically you don't have to do this unless you are leaving the country, but we would like to travel in the future and since we are in the paperwork mood, why not? What's one more government office to deal with?

I will be posting a copy of our recognition of foreign adoption petition to the court in the next couple of days. It was super easy to do. No lawyer needed!

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