Thursday, September 10, 2015

6 Ways to Incorporate Polish culture into your American home:

1. Celebrate Polish Holidays
There are a lot of holidays in Poland that you can easily incorporate into your home. Poland has similar holidays to us, Americans. You could easily add a Polish twist on some of the common holidays that we share.

2. Cook Polish Food
Try having a Polish themed dinner once a month. You could follow lots of polish cooking blogs, websites and facebook groups to get plenty of recipes to try. You could even check out Polish cookbooks from your library. My library in South Louisiana has several books on Polish cooking and recipes.
Here are some of my favorite online sources for Polish recipes:
3. Follow Polish Online Groups
Here's a list of the facebook groups that I've joined:
 Not on Facebook? Try the Poland subreddit. Lots of people post questions and news that is happening in Poland. On the sidebar you can look at Polish foods, movies, etc....

4. Learn Polish History Together
Check out library books, look up articles about Polish history online, and watch youtube videos to learn more about Polish history. The Poles have a long and bloody history.
Try these sites:
5. Keep up with the current events in Poland
This is an easy one! Keeping up with the current events in Poland is a great way to engage your child(ren) about their homeland. Whether the news is serious or funny, read it to your children. It's easier to learn about a particular country's culture if you are engaged in that culture.
Here are some Polish news sites:
6. Learn the Language
I know this isn't the easiest suggestion, especially if you have no background in Polish. Learning some simple greetings, numbers, and names of animals could be fun and engaging for your child about their former language.
Here are some great sites to learn for free:
Try your local library. My library offers a free online language learning program. (I am currently learning Polish this way!)

Here's links to other ideas about incorporating your child's birth culture into your family:

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