Monday, November 3, 2014

Homemade 2015 Planner

Alright ya'll, the new year will be approaching us soon and we better be prepared before we get carried away with holidays. The calendars that you would find in Walmart or Target are usually pretty expensive and not in my budget. For the 2015 year, I've decided to make my own or I should rather say print my own-I'm not that talented nor have the time (at the moment) to come up with cool, artsy designs. I found a cool "handmade" website where they took out the hard work involved in creating your own calendar.

This is the one that I printed for my 2015 Planner:

It looks totally cute and is budget friendly. Very little materials needed to make your own planner/calendar. I used an old binder, printer paper, and a hole punch.

Here are some pics of my planner:
My Calendar Binder

Note: I did not print out the cool and design-y cover sheet that went along with the calendar because I did not want to use a lot of ink. So I found this printable with the dates for the whole year instead.

I made tabs using sticky notes. I reinforced the sticky part by placing some clear tape over the homemade tab and over the paper. I don't want my beautiful calendar falling apart in mid July!

I love the blank pages that this calendar provides. I can write my grocery list, to do list, or schooling ideas down so I won't forget!

This really is a cute calendar. I don't think I will be going back to store bought. I will let you know next year how this homemade calendar works out!

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