Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Post Adoption Interview Questions

After you've adopted internationally, some countries (Poland) require post adoption reports to be sent back to them on how the child is doing. I've wrote down the majority of the questions that our social worker asked us during our most recent post adoption visit. If there are more that need to be added, please let me know in the comments!

Who's your pediatrician?
When's the last pediatrician's visit?
When do you go back to the pediatrician for a check up?
Up to date on shots?
Was the child diagnosed with anything?
Has the child been sick, went to the hospital, or seen a specialist?
Who's your dentist?
When's the last dental visit?
When will you go back to the dentist for a check up?
Did the child have cavities, or need any dental work?
If your child has seen a specialist, your social worker will probably ask questions that pertain to that specialist.

How is the child's gross motor skills?
-Can he/she kick a ball, ride a bike, swim, throw a ball?
How's the child's fine motor skills?
-Can he/she hold a pencil, cut with scissors in a straight line, put beads on a string?
Can the child run or jog?
Can the child play on the monkey bars or climb trees?
How's the child's speech? Any delay?
How's the language?
Can the child speak English?
Can the child understand English?
How many words in a sentence can he/she speak?
Is the child in speech therapy?
Is the child in occupational therapy?
Is the child in physical therapy?

Can your child verbalize his/her emotions appropriately for their age?
Are you teaching them how to verbalize their feelings appropriately?
Does the child cry?
When the child cries, does he or she come to you?
Does the child act out their frustration behaviorally?
Is the child violent if he or she doesn't get their way?
Does the child act age appropriately?
Does the child act differently (better or worse) in the company of others?

Is your child in school?
What grade?
What's their favorite subject?
Are they lagging in any areas?
Do they have an IEP or in some form of assistance?
How is the teacher?
Does your child like their teacher?
If you homeschool, here are some questions that the social worker might ask:
What curriculum are you using?
Is the child in any formal classes outside the home?
Is the child exposed to sitting in a classroom?
Is the child getting social interactions?
What subjects are you covering?
Is the child being taught by another adult?
Do you allow your child to have time to play with others?
What is your school schedule?
Are you planning on putting you child in a public/private school anytime soon or later in life?
Be prepared for more questioning regarding socialization of your child and if your child can sit in a classroom setting. If you are a veteran homeschooler, then you are probably prepared for this kind of questioning, but if you are a newbie, be prepared and have a tactful answer. Anyone who has not been around homeschooled children or to the idea of homeschooling will ask questions or make statements that are completely false about homeschoolers. Your social worker may ask more/less questions depending on their own personal exposure to the homeschool life. It's amazing to see how the media portrays homeschoolers and see that one or two worse case scenarios being applied to all homeschoolers.

Does your child have friends?
Who is their best friend?
Does your child play with others?
Does your child play WELL with others?
Does your child parallel play?
Is your child involved in social activities outside of school?

Does your child sleep through the night?
How many hours of sleep do they get each night?
Does your child fall asleep easily?
Is your child scared at night?

Is your child taking any vitamins?
Eating a well balanced meal?
Does your child hoard food?
Does your child have eating difficulties?
Is your child a picky eater?
Does your child eat food fast?
Does your child feel like he or she is getting enough food?

What is your child's height?
What is your child's weight?
What is the daily schedule for your child?
Is your child involved in sports, scouts, or other activities outside the home or school?
What is your child's favorite food?
What does your child like to play or do during free time?
Can your child use the bathroom by him or herself?
Can your child brush their teeth?
Does your child have good personal hygeine?

For the Parents
Does mom get breaks?
Does mom have hobbies outside the home?
What's mom's work schedule like?
What's mom's daily activities?
Does dad get breaks?
Does dad have hobbies outside the home?
What's dad's work schedule like?
What's dad's daily activities?
Do you have date nights?
How often?
Can you hire a babysitter?
Do you have babysitters that can come over if needed?
How's parenting your child?
Is it getting easier? Harder?
Are grandparents supportive? Do they help out?

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