Friday, January 29, 2016

Polish TV Channels Online

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Want to know what it's like to have APD?

Here is a great game that can help you to understand what it's like to have Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). After playing this game, I definitely have a little more compassion and understanding of my daughter's daily struggles.

Click here for the game.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Poland Brochures

What a helpful link!!

Looking for something to do in Poland? To eat? Experience Culture? Learn History? Nature?

Download some of these brochures:

Don't worry they are all in English!  :)

What's it like to have an Auditory Processing Disorder?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Resources for Traveling to Poland During the Winter

February 2016 Meal Plan

1. Breakfast Casserole
2. Oatmeal or Cereal
3. Eggs, bacon and toast
4. Baked Oatmeal Muffins
5. Breakfast Oatmeal Cupcakes
6. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Quinoa Muffins
7. Cranberry Orange Scones
8. Sausage breakfast muffins
9. Baked Oatmeal
10. Heart shaped pancakes


1. Leftovers
2. Sandwiches (pb&j, pb&honey, pb&nutella, grilled cheese, lunch meat & cheese)
3. Tabbouleh
4. Tuna Salad Sandwiches/Salad
5. PB and Banana Roll Up
6. Pita Pizza
7. Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese
8. Copy Cat Chick-fil-a nuggets with Chick-fil-a sauce  and store bought waffle fries


1. Slow Cooker Pot Roast with veggies and roll
2. Slow Cooker Roasted Chicken with veggies and roll
3. Orange Chicken (in crockpot) with rice and veggies
4. Tilapia and Pesto Foil Packets with steamed veggies and a roll
5. BBQ Pork Sandwiches (use leftover pot roast meat) with baked potatoes and a salad
6. Brazilian Black Beans with yellow rice and layered salad
7. Sweet Potato and Oat soup with baguette
9. Copycat Chick Fil A Sandwich with waffle fries and fruit
10. Hamburgers with potato salad
11. Pizza Pasta Casserole  with salad
12. Sloppy Joe's with veggies
13. Light Lemon Chicken with Broccoli with roll and salad
14. Chicken with Roasted Oranges with salad and a roll
15. Chicken, Kale and Quinoa Soup with baguette and salad
16. Panera at Home! Tuscan Vegetable Soup and Bacon Turkey Bravo Sandwich
17. Baked Tortellini Casserole with garlic bread
18. Chicken Potato Bake with salad and fruit
19. Slow Cooker Cheesy Potato Soup with Turkey and Sun-dried Tomato Sandwich
20. Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings with salad
21-31. Leftovers, church, eating out, and date night.


1. Crockpot Snowman Poop
2. Paczki
3. Valentine's Blondies
4. And for Mardi Gras: My King Cake
5. For mom: Creme Brulee Latte

Here's a grocery list printable that you could use to write down what you need to buy from the store.

Railway to Expand in Poland & Cheaper Tickets!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Say an extra prayer for me today...

It has been a tough week ya'll!!

Please pray for our family today. I feel like I'm dying a slow death as I parent my child who has the body of a preteen, the brain of a 3 year old, and the emotions of a bear who wants to eat me.

(I tried to find an angry bear picture to post but all I could find are happy bears...Today is not happy!)

Adoption Tax Credit for 2015

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Good Questions to Ask Your Adopted Child's Foster Parents (Updated)

I'm going through some of my old posts and updating them with more content. Writing about our experiences after adopting was hard for me with a newly adopted child. My brain was elsewhere at times.

Free Teaching Calendar

We are currently using Saxon Math and I don't want to Smalls to write in the "meeting book", so I found this free calendar printable that works just as great!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Poland is making Headlines!

If you are planning to visit soon, be watchful for all the protests:

Important Dates by Month for Poland

This list is super helpful if you are traveling to Poland. I've listed every holiday that Poland celebrates that I could find. If there are important dates that I've left out, please let me know. On most (not all) of these dates, Polish stores and government offices will be closed.

Click here for a Comprehensive list of important dates all in one post.

Check back! I will add more in the coming months!













TSA: Traveling with Children

How to make your own Oatmeal Packets

When traveling, nothing's the worse than spending a ton of money eating out, especially for breakfast. I came across this neat idea on Facebook. Trying to make "convenience" foods homemade can save me a lot of money!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Wroclaw City Resources

Here's all of the links and resources that I have found on this wonderful city:

Free Download on Wroclaw (it's updated every couple of months with events)

Sky Bowling Alley

I will add more links and resources as I find them, so check back! There will be more in the future.

Polish Adoption Blogs

Here's a list of others blogging about their adoption from Poland:

Cathrine from Tennessee at
Cat is currently assisting New Beginnings International with finding qualified families for their Poland program. So often, there are more children available for adoption than there are families. If you are interested in more information about New Beginnings International, you can contact Cat via her email on her "About Me" page.

The Nicely family in Indiana at

Jennifer at

Erika at

Alex and Jessica at

Emily and Peter at   

Matt and Becky at 

Lori at

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fat Thursday/Paczki Day

Average Tempertures in Poland by Month

10 Must Pack Items for a Winter Trip to Europe

What did you wear to court (for Poland)? Updated

Hey everyone,

I'm going through some of my old posts and updating them with more content. Writing about our experiences after adopting was hard for me with a newly adopted child. My brain was elsewhere at times.

Click here for an updated version of "What did you wear to court (for Poland)?".

Homemade Bisquick

I love to save money. And one thing that I've learned about saving money on groceries is to not buy convenience foods. Bisquick is one of those easy convenience foods that I could easily make myself and save money.

Here is a recipe that I've found that is super easy and worth my time to make myself: