Friday, January 10, 2014

What is the process to adopt from Poland?

When we decided to adopt from Poland, I went polish adoption blog hunting. I wanted to know everything about adopting from Poland. Unfortunately, there are not very many blogs about adopting from Poland and most of the blogs I found were out dated, which is one reason why I have started this blog.

The thing I wanted to know most is the complete process to adopt from Poland from start to finish. I wanted to know how many steps are involved both in the U.S. and Poland. I found bits and pieces of the process to adopt from Poland throughout the internet, but I couldn't find the process from start to finish. I'm sure some of my blog followers who are adopting from Poland would like a nice and tidy list of the process to adopt from Poland from start to finish.

Here is a list of the steps we had to take to adopt from Poland. Our adoption agency is Lifeline Child, so if you are adopting through a different agency your steps may differ. If your adoption process is different, please post your adoption process in the comment section below. I would like to know if the process changes or if you had to take two trips to Poland, etc...

Process to Adopt from Poland: 
1. Get approved by a licensed adoption agency.
2. Complete a home study.
3. Get approved from Homeland Security.
3. Compile your dossier.
4. Get your dossier translated into Polish.
5. Submit your translated dossier to the Polish government.
6. Be matched with a child(ren).
7. Get provisional approval for your child to come to the U.S.A.
8. Travel to Poland and meet your child and have a three week bonding period.
9. Go to court.
10. After court, there is a two week appeal period for all judges' decisions in Poland.
11. Get final court decree from the judge.
12. Apply for a new birth certificate.
13. Apply for a PESOL number (Polish Social Security Number).
14. Once PESOL number received, apply for a Polish passport.
15. Medical exam and any blood tests for visa clearance by a doctor who has been approved by the U.S. embassy.
16. Once you have the passport and medical exam results, you may set up an appointment at the U.S. Embassy for a visa clearance interview.
17. After the interview, you should obtain your child's visa in his or her passport.
18. Book plane tickets to go home.
19. Go through customs and you made it home!
20. Wait for your child's Certificate of Citizenship to come in the mail (about 50 days).
21. Go to court in your city/state and re-adopt your child (recognition of a foreign adoption).
22. After that court hearing, it is officially, official! Your child is now recognized as a citizen both in Federal and state governments!
23. Repeat back to step 1 and adopt again!

We had a one trip process, which took a total of 9 weeks. It could have been shorter but we had some incorrect paperwork with delayed us one week. Ideally, the one trip process to adopt from Poland should take between 7 and 8 weeks.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Homemade Face Wash

As I was browsing the facial cleanser aisle, I got completely sick to my stomach at the cost of a little bottle of facial cleanser. I don’t buy name brand unless I have a coupon for a free one, but even the generic was still $5 for a 7 oz. bottle ($0.71 per oz.). Unfortunately, I don’t like to wash with bar soaps because my face feels dry for the rest of the day (ughh, hate that feeling) and that would be the cheaper option. I am tired of paying way too much for something that literally goes down the drain.

So I went into my labs (kitchen and bathroom, I have two labs) to see what all I could use to make a cheaper face wash. I have an empty foaming bottle (9 oz.), some baby moisture wash, and tap water.  I fill a 1/4th of the foaming bottle with the baby moisture wash and then fill the rest with tap water. Give it a good shake and you have a foaming face wash that is gentle on your skin and does not leave any residue. Now I have face wash for an entire month for a lot less than the store bought kind!

How much does this really cost?
9 oz. foaming bottle: Free
Baby Moisture Wash: $2/ 15 oz. (generic, and I used roughly 3 oz.)
Tap Water: $.03 (I really don’t know how to measure this, my best guess)

Total: $0.45 for 9 oz.

Store bought for 9 oz.: $6.39

Wow, that is a $5.94 savings each month because I use only one bottle each month.

$71.28/year that can go back into my adoption fund by cutting out store bought face wash!