Sunday, April 28, 2013

Polish Language Lessons

We love living in NOLA. We love the culture and food, but New Orleans does not have a huge international diversity population like Chicago or LA. Trying to learn Polish culture and language has been a bit of a challenge for us. And yes we are "that adoption couple" who wants to learn the language (fluently--haha) and know all the cultural dos and don'ts before we actually set foot in Poland.

I have tried to completely immerse myself into their culture without actually being in Poland. Of course, Wes is in school full time so he can't quite devote much time to it as I can. Down below are some resources for those who are interested in Poland and the Polish language.

I have never heard someone speak Polish before. How do they pronounce their syllables and letters? How many letters do they have in the alphabet? Is it like Russian? And since we are on a budget we can't really afford Rosetta stone or expensive lessons. has become my bestfriend with learning Polish. There are so many choices.

Polish Language Resources

FREE language learning website:
This is a great website where you can learn another language and help someone learn your native language. The goal is to earn "mocha points" that will unlock additional language lessons. And the best part is--it's FREE!!

Learn the Polish Alphabet:

Language Lessons for Foreigners by Jadzia:
Jadzia is a great teacher!
Lesson 1:
Lesson 2:
Lesson 3:

Another great teacher Joanna:
She has lots of lessons. 

The Travel Linguist:
Greetings: //
And many more.

I try to practice an hour each day after work. That is an easy 7 hours a week! In order to completely immerse myself without being in Poland, I started listening to Polish online radio. I am trying to only listen to Polish radio. I can not understand at all what they are singing, but I have found a Polish radio station that plays lots of American songs, which I am familiar with, in Polish.

Here is the link:

Lastly in completing my immersion into Polish culture. Television. And yes, I youtube tv shows that are in Polish. I'm pretty sure they are older tv shows. You can even watch cartoons in Polish. Cartoons are a good choice to start out with as they are more simpler.

Well, hopefully, we will be posting more about Poland and their culture.

Do zobaczenia!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update on Our Progress

As of Friday, April 12, we are officially registered at the National Adoption Center in Poland. Our dossier was perfect and no changes or add ons were needed. So now we wait to be matched with a sibling group!

In the mean time, we are starting to learn Polish. It is definitely a big challenge with a different alphabet and a whole new set of pronunciations. We have found a great program that is totally FREE for learning different languages ( It is a great website where you learn the language you want and you can unlock additional language lessons by helping others who want to learn English. Along with the, youtube has great tutorials as well. We will keep you updated if anything new happens in the coming months!