Monday, March 11, 2013

Olive Tree Promise

Hey Everyone (for the second time today)!

We have recently opened up a new store, where 30-50% of the proceeds help fund our adoption. We have partnered with Olive Tree Promise, and no it is not a coffee store. They have really cool t-shirts ("superman was adopted" is my fav), jewelry, hats, children's items, and many other varieties of items. One of the best parts about this store is that some of the artisans are giving some of their proceeds to people living in impoverished countries on top of helping us fund our adoption. Olive Tree Promise takes vendors who have a passion for orphans and pairs them with people who are trying to raise funds to adopt. The vendors have agreed to give 30-50% of their proceeds to adoptive families. So please join us in bringing home our children by shopping at our new store! The link to our store is on the right.

Dossier Done!

Hey Everyone,

We have completed and apostilled our dossier! Lifeline has it and they are in the process of translating it to Polish. Wow! Now we sit and wait till they match us with some kids! I feel like this is going by so fast. Please be thinking of us during this time as we prepare to have kids come into our home.