Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last Homestudy Visit

This past Thursday we had our last homestudy visit! Yea! It went really well. We discussed our childhood and our hobbies. It will take our social worker a couple of weeks to write it up. I feel like are getting closer and closer to submitting our dossier. We will be on a plane before we know it!

In addition to the homestudy,  Wes and I have been working on our adoption education. We are required to have "hours of education" in order for our homestudy to be complete. I felt like I was back in college taking an online course with extensive readings. The materials that we covered will definitely be helpful for when our children come home. One of the first education materials that we covered was called Intercountry Adoption Training. It is 10 hours of education that I truly enjoyed. I hated that I wasn't able to read and re-read the material because it is so rich with helpful and practical information. It also had many videos from parents who went through the international adoption process from many countries. It was very helpful to hear how they handled different situations, whether going through the adoption process or when the children are home in your care. Any parent that is considering adoption (international or domestic) or foster care, you must take this! I feel better prepared to handle the different parenting situations that people who foster or who adopt go through. The website, if you are interested, is Another part of our education is to read The Connected Child by Dr. Karyn Purvis. This is another amazing book on how to help the adopted or fostered child with whatever issues they may have. She also has a website full of helpful videos,