Sunday, September 23, 2012

Poland's Orphans

This past week I was doing some research on Poland's orphans. I want to know what kind of background our kids will come from, what kind of lives they live, and some statistics about orphans in Poland. In my research I came across a sad article. It completely broke my heart.

Here is the link:

The title of the article is "Polish Children Dumped By Parents Heading to Britain". Yep, that's right. My initial reaction was "what!?!". Then I read the article. I was heart broken. How could parents just leave their children behind to go live a better life and not take them? I can not fully understand the choices that those Polish parents are facing. Maybe they couldn't afford to take both themselves and their children. Maybe their intentions are to return and be reunited with their children once they have made a better life for their family. My heart goes out to those children.

I know in the last post I did not share a lot about the first homestudy visit. Our social worker asked us if we had an age range for the kids that we want to adopt. Wes and I both shared that we want age ten and below. There has to be at least 15 years between us and the children according to the Polish government. We want a sibling group, so we knew we would at least be getting one older child. After we talked about the age range, I got really nervous and started questioning myself. Can I handle a 10 year old? What if we get a 10 and 9 year old?  We would miss so much of their childhood.  We will only have 8-10 years before they start college. I started panicking. Did we do the right thing? Until I read this article. After reading the article and some other online articles, my heart became softened to older children. Especially the 10 and 9 year olds. I knew He had called us to adopt a sibling group. We must obey no matter how much it scares me. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Homestudy Visit

Yay! We have been accepted into Lifeline's Poland Program! Now on with the paperwork and I'm sure more paperwork after that as well. We are now in the homestudy phase of this adoption. Our first homestudy went really well except for when Merlin, our cat, decided that he wanted lots of attention from our social worker. Merlin started out all nice and loving until she put her purse down. Oh the purse. He started rubbing it with his face. Ok that wasn't so bad. Then he started pawing at the purse. Ok I'm getting a little nervous. Then Merlin does the unthinkable. He gets inside her purse and starts to make his bed! All the while our social worker is talking to us about what all paperwork needs to be gathered and what we need to be doing for the next two weeks. I am trying to be attentive and listen because I don't want to miss a thing but distracted by my cat tearing up her purse! Completely embarrassing! Merlin has never acted so strongly to a purse before. Luckily the purse made it through the first homestudy visit. We have two more visits to go. Hopefully Merlin has established himself with our social worker and will behave a little better next time.