Sunday, August 12, 2012

Application Submitted!

Well, it has been awhile since we last posted about our adoption. A lot has happened in the Barnett household.  No we don't have kids just yet. We did move to a bigger apartment. Two huge bedrooms and bathrooms! Although, Merlin our cat has claimed the second bedroom as his. He is in for a big surprise when the kids come.

We are continuing to raise money for our adoption. We want to go through the adoption debt free. With starting the adoption paperwork this week we are not stressed out about being able to pay for it or wondering where the money will come from. God has been so gracious to us this past year as we have saved from our own paychecks and through fundraising.

Now on to the adoption update. We have started applying with Lifeline Adoption, based out of Birmingham, AL. We have officially decided to adopt from the country of Poland, which is next door to Bulgaria. Poland is a beautiful country in central Europe. It is the 9th largest country in Europe and about the size of New Mexico. There is much to Poland’s history, as they have often struggled under the occupation of other nations. Today Poland has a free market economy and is a constitutional republic with freedom of religion and press.

So why Poland? Each country has different set of guidelines for adopting parents so that immediately eliminated some choices for us. Also the country will have certain children available for adoption. We felt like Poland is the right choice for us with all these different factors that play into choosing a country.

Now that we have applied, we are just waiting to hear back from the agency in the next week or so!

Merlin helping us fill out the paperwork
-Wes & Sarai