Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Coffee

Over the past month we have had two coffee tasting parties, featuring the JustLoveCoffee we are selling. We want to thank you all who have contributed either by buying coffee or directly up to this point. We are so excited to have so many friends and family who are supportive of us in our adoption. We hope that those who were able to come have enjoyed their coffee.

For those who have purchased before, would you consider ordering the coffee regularly? Imagine if you replaced your normal coffee with a bag of this coffee. Would you be able to do that? You would have enjoyable, tasty coffee and be contributing toward our adoption.

Here's a few more details about the coffee we are selling:

Why are you selling coffee to raise money for adoption?

We wanted to be somewhat creative in raising money for this. Coffee is something that many people already buy on a regular basis, and after reading about JustLove's plan, it seemed like a good fit. The coffee is good and priced reasonably for the quality.

Who or what is JustLove?

JustLoveCoffee Roasters is a normal everyday coffee roasting company, except that they have a heart toward helping orphans. The couple who started the company has adopted themselves and wishes to help others in the process. You can read more about their story by going to our online store and clicking "Our Story."

So how does this work?

We sell coffee through our JustLoveCoffee webstore, and $5 from every regular bag of coffee goes toward our adoption (other products [shirts, etc.] also contribute toward our amount, but it depends on the product). We also like to order the coffee in bulk ourselves and sell it directly.

Ok, how do I buy coffee from you and make sure you get that $5?

There are two ways you can do this. The first way is to go to our online store located at justlovecoffee.com/homewardground (just click the link). Add the coffee you want to your cart and then checkout (be sure to note that there is more than just one page of coffee; use the left hand menu and "next" buttons).

The second way is to just contact us directly. If we know you in person than just talk to us about ordering some coffee (so just email, call, etc.). We'll get you the coffee you want directly to you as well and the $5 per bag will go toward us.

As stated above, if you have enjoyed our coffee, please consider getting it regularly. Would you consider two bags a month? Maybe you don't drink coffee that much, so could you do one bag a month?

But I really don't like coffee... what if I just want to give you money?

Of course you can give money directly. You may not drink coffee much, so if that's what you feel like doing, go ahead! You can do so online here on the right by clicking the donate button, but if you know us, you of course know how to reach us.

Thanks again to all who have attended these events so far. We look forward to having more like these in the near future with other friends and family. Feel free to leave a comment or question about this below!