Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just Love Coffee Special

I just wanted to give a quick note that our coffee store is having a special through Sunday, July 17. Buy three bags of coffee and get a bag of Just Love Coffee's newest blend free. Remember, we get $5 toward our adoption for every bag sold through our store!

Just Love Coffee Roasters was started after their founders adopted from Ethiopia. Their coffees are all 100% Fair Trade. Just Love partners with couples wishing to adopt in order to help raise funds for their adoptions. Check out their site to learn more.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Country Update: Ukraine Adoptions Resume

As you have all read from our first post, we are currently considering Bulgaria as the country from where we adopt. However, at this point we are certainly open to other countries. Ukraine was one country we crossed off our list a few days ago, because we had thought they had suspended adoptions. But, now according to LifeLine, things are opening back up again, at least for those who are currently in the process, so we may have to consider it in the future if things open up completely again.

One of the challenges in adopting is that the world situation changes so quickly, so that one day a country may be open, but the next it may be closed, and vice versa.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Here we go!

First, welcome to our blog! Many of you readers will probably know Sarai and I personally. This is intended to be the first post of many describing our adventure in going through the process of adoption.

Before Sarai and I married we discussed that at some point we wanted to adopt a child. As Christians we know that God cares for the fatherless. We also know that there are millions of children in the world who have no parents. (More on both of these in posts to come.) Recently our church has had an emphasis on this, and this has brought this back to the forefront of our minds. We feel that now is the time for us to begin the process of adoption.

Our plan is to adopt without debt. Therefore, we are beginning to save and raise funds right now before beginning the application process. One of the ways that we are doing that is through Just Love Coffee. If you visit our web store and buy coffee from it, we will receive $5 per bag sold toward our adoption. We will also be raising money in other ways in the future.

We currently have an adoption agency in mind, and we are specifically thinking about adopting a child from Bulgaria (more on why later). We know that adoption is a long process, and we are looking forward to the journey to get there!

Throughout the process I'll give updates to where we are. I also intend on publishing posts about God's heart for the orphan, books on adoption, adoption agencies, and so on. We hope you'll join us! (You can sign up for email updates on the right)