Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Not sure if this affects Poland...Another recall on food!

Tesco is recalling their flavored butter.

The packs are Tesco Chocolate Chip & Maple Syrup Butter, Red Chilli & Lemon Butter, Roast Garlic & Herb Butter and Three Peppercorn Butter. The complimentary butter discs are Roast Garlic & Herb Butter, Peppercorn Butter Discs, Chilli Butter Discs, Mr Crumb Roast Garlic & Herb Disc and Mr Crumb Chilli Butter. 

Here's the article:

They have not listed the affected countries, but this article is from the UK. It could be just a UK only thing, but you never know. You might want to play it safe!

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