Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I just made $30 by sitting on my couch!

Well, we've been having quite a few doctors appointments for Smalls and have seriously made HUGE progress into maxing our deductible out and it's not even the end of February! Since we are strapped for cash, we are trying to get creative on how to bring in extra income.

I can't sale Avon, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay or essential oils because I don't ever buy those products. I don't feel comfortable trying to get others to buy it when I don't buy it for myself. And plus I feel like you need to have an out going personality with lots and lots of friends who have money to buy your products. I don't have friends with lots of discretionary funds. I have friends who are like me-trying to save every penny that they bring in.

I also homeschool during the week and then on Saturdays I work for our pediatric office. I don't necessarily have time to pick up a second job. If I could work from home and not have to pay for a baby sitter, that would be a great job! But most of those jobs are internet scams-blahhhh!

The other day Wes was on Reddit. (We are always on Reddit. Reddit is our favorite past time!) He heard about an app where you can teach English to Chinese students. Well, that really intrigued us, because we have been teaching English to international students for over 10 years. You make $10 an hour. It sounded too good to be true. Wes signed up and tried it out. He got a $10 sign up bonus to start with. During this past weekend, he made $26 in calls. He just chatted to Chinese students about their lives and about his life. He also helped them with practicing their English. It was an easy $26 (plus $10 sign up bonus) to earn. And you don't have to leave and drive to a job. You just put on a nice shirt and talk on you r couch or comfy chair. How sweet is that???

So I tried it. I signed up on Saturday and by Sunday night I had made $29 (with the sign up bonus). Not bad for a non-demanding job with no boss! I used Wes' referral code so he could get the referral bonus of $20 if I talked for 100 minutes. Together we've made $85 this weekend! Not bad since we are just starting out with this app. We are hoping to get an hour each day, so we can have an extra $70 or so a week to help pay for our medical bills.

I do want to point out that this isn't a multi level marketing job where the top dog gets the most money. This is a easy way to make money from your home with minimal effort. If you don't like to talk to new people, then this might not be your thing. Wes and I love to talk to international students and teach them English, so this is perfect for us.

Ok so what is this app? The app is called NiceTalk Tutor. Click here to sign up with my referral code. Once your approved, you can go online and wait for calls from your students. Make sure you fill out your profile. Students want to read about you before they call you. Most of the students that call me only chat for 10 minutes. The students load money onto their account in order to call you. You get paid through paypal, so make sure you have that before you sign up. NiceTalk pays you every Monday if your account has over $20 in it. You automatically get $10 bonus for signing up. One important thing to remember is the Chinese time zone. In Central Standard, China is 14 hours ahead. I try to stay up late or I wake up early to go online. I've gotten the majority of my call from 7 am to 10am (9pm-12am China time). You can also give out your referral code for others to sign up. You will get $20 for every person that talks for 100 minutes that uses your referral code.

Update 2/10/16: If you're running iOS 9 you may run into the "Enterprise Developer Not Trusted" which can be resolved: Settings >> General >> Profile You should see the app listed at that screen. Tap on it. Tap "Trust (name here)"

Here's another review for NiceTalk Tutor.

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Have you used this app to make money? What do you think about it?

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