Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015 Update on our Family

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To Our Family and Friends,

What a fun year 2015 has brought to our household! We celebrated our second year with Smalls this November. Wow! Two years she has been home. The time feels like it has flown by, and has gone slow at the same time, if that makes sense? We are constantly learning how to be a family. Each week is a new week for our family. In July, we made the decision to join a church closer to our home. It was a hard decision because we had been at our other church for over 7 years! It was bittersweet. We hope this update gives you a recap of what life has been life for our family this year.

Update on Wes and Sarai
Wes is in his fourth year of graduate school at Tulane University. We can see the finish line! Wes is currently working on publishing his research and continuing his research endeavors. His favorite past times this year include watching Mississippi State football, coding, and running. That's right-running. Wes has been running 3-4 times a week. His goal is to run 9 miles each week.

Sarai continues her part time work at a local pediatric office here in New Orleans. She is still learning how to homeschool Smalls during the weekdays. Sarai also started a special needs homeschooling group among our homeschooling community. Sarai's favorite past times have been blogging, putting together puzzles, and getting together with friends over coffee.

Update on Smalls
This has been another challenging year for Smalls. She got to experience a lot of "firsts". Smalls learned how to swim this summer. It was a difficult task but she overcame a lot of her fears. More recently, she has learned how to skate, which is her new favorite hobby. She is in the 2nd grade and her favorite subject is Science. Smalls still continues to struggle with school, but she is learning that it can be fun.

Update on Merlin
Merlin is doing really well for a house cat. He is getting so lazy. He is still very cautious about Smalls. He doesn't like the way she plays with him. Merlin's new favorite hobby is watching Mojo, our gerbil. He can't wait for the day when Mojo escapes his cage. If Merlin isn't lounging in front of the door watching for birds, he is guarding Mojo's cage.

Merry Christmas from us to you!

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