Monday, September 14, 2015

Monthly Meal Plan

We have a lot of activities going on in our lives. We are apart of church, a homeschool group that offers lots of classes throughout the year, Girl Scouts, work, and other family functions. When we first got back from Poland we cocooned Smalls rigidly for 3 months and then we started going on simple and very few outings for the next 9 months. After we surpassed the 1 year mark of being home with her we started getting involved in a lot more activities. Smalls wants to be apart of a lot of activities and rightly so, she missed out on them for 8 years of her life!

Now that we are super busy, I have no time to coupon weekly like I used to. I'm way to tired to drag Smalls to the grocery store each week, search for sales, etc... Smalls would be in the worst attitude and it is so difficult trying to check prices and walking throughout the store with a sensory seeker and avoidder! Instead, I've tried once a month grocery shopping. I am in love with just shopping once a month for groceries. I feel so free throughout the weeks to focus on Smalls and the many activities that we are involved in. Wes is able to watch Smalls for the entire morning while I get to shop in absolute peace.

Although, I had one struggle with once a month shopping. I am a very organized person and a planner. Naturally, I would struggle with the meal planning part of once a month shopping. I started out planning a meal for each day during the month and whatever I planned for that night is what I would cook. I hated it. It was such a struggle to cook when I didn't feel like it or cook something that I really didn't have enough time to prepare for that night. I soon found a solution with a Meal Plan Diary. I started jotting down between 20-25 meals in a notebook and I would cross them out as I cooked them. It is perfect! I don't have to have a specific meal each night of the week and I know how many meals I have left. It is freeing to just have the groceries on hand and I can pick whatever meal that I want for the night!

My Meal Plan Diary

I want to create a collection of our favorite recipes and menus on this blog, so I don't have to keep searching the internet for them. And I thought you all would enjoy them as well. I am so excited to start documenting our monthly menus on the blog for October! October is my favorite month out of the whole year. I absolutely love all things Fall. I enjoy seeing pumpkins, the leaves changing colors, football and all the fun Fall decorating ideas that people post on social media. Get ready for October, because you know that month will be all things pumpkin! Be on the look out in the next week for my October meal plan.

I bet you are wondering that we do not eat fresh fruits and veggies because they surely wouldn't last a whole month. And you are totally right, fresh fruit and veggies will not last a whole month. I make a small trip in the middle of the month to pick up anything fresh that we are out of. I usually make this small trip while Smalls is at one of her events so I can still have peace in the grocery store.

Do you shop once a month? Please share any secrets you have because I am still learning!

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