Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ideas While You Wait

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Waiting is hard. There's no nice way to put it or sugar coat it. When you are in the adoption process, you have a lot of wait time. You are waiting on your agency to send you paperwork, waiting on government offices to process paperwork, waiting on clearances, or waiting to be matched or given a referral for a child to to look over. It feels like there is endless waiting in adoption.

Here are some suggestions for you to do while you wait. I've broken them up into two categories: serious and silly (sometimes you are just feeling down about waiting so long and you need a few laughs).

Serious Suggestions:
  • Read and study on how to parent an adopted child. Parenting an adopted child has different challenges than parenting a biological child. Click here for the books that I've read.
  • Learn to cook food from your child's home country. 
  • Listen to a radio station in your child's country. Get to know the language by listening to songs and the dj on the radio. Here's a Polish station I listened to.
  • Learn your child's language as best as you can. Here are some links for learning Polish.
  • Decorate their room and get it ready for when they come home.
  • Attend garage sales to find toys for all ages. Some older kids need younger toys because of various developmental delays. Also this is great way to get low cost clothes in various sizes. You will need a variety of sizes because your child may grow a lot within the first year home.
  • Locate a school for your child. Talk to the administration to see how they could accommodate your child.
  • Work extra hours or pick up a small second job to help with your adoption savings.
  • Read blogs about others who have gone before you. They could have some great tips while in country.
  • Join an adoption support group. It's ok if your child isn't home yet. These groups will give you a great idea on some of the challenges you may face parenting an adopted child.
  • Throw yourself an adoption shower. Not many people (or at least in my circle) don't understand how to help someone who is adopting. I wished I had done this. Don't forget to register for items that you need.
  • Prepare your relatives for the newest addition to the family. Talk to them about connected parenting strategies from The Connected Child by Dr. Karyn Purvis. 
  • Interview pediatricians and their offices. Ask if they are familiar with internationally adopted children.
  • Join groups on Facebook and on adoption websites. Knowledge is power! If you would like to know which ones I'm apart of please email me (my email is located in the about section).
  • Research holiday celebrations in your child's country. Can you incorporate some of those into your family?
Silly Suggestions for those hard days when you need a laugh:
Do you have any other suggestions? Please comment below and tell us what you did while you waited for your child to come home.

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