Friday, August 7, 2015

Adoption Registry

If I could go back and re-do our adoption, I would have thrown myself an adoption shower. I would have also registered for some needed items for Smalls and for our trip to Poland. I know that sounds weird to throw myself a party, but we really needed a lot of items to help us get to Poland and for Smalls when she came home. In my local circle, adopting internationally was a foreign subject and not a lot of people knew how to respond to us adopting. Don't worry about stepping on toes by taking charge and throwing yourself a party. It's ok. Your friends will want to join in once you throw out ideas for an adoption shower.

Here is a great website to create a free registry:

Here are some suggestions on items to register for:
For babies/infants:
For toddlers:
For older children:
  • gift cards for restaurants (You will be exhausted parenting a newly adopted child. You will want to get take out!) 
  • gift cards to grocery stores (Before leaving for a month or more, you would have emptied out your refrigerator. You won't have any basic groceries on hand-milk, bread, cheese.)
  • coupons from relatives or friends to volunteer babysitting
  • travel items (suitcases, money belts, passport holder, adapters, etc)

Did I leave anything off this list? What did you buy or receive that you've found helpful?

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