Thursday, July 30, 2015

Homemade Pierogi

I miss, really miss the fruit filled pierogi we would buy in Poland. Sure I can buy the frozen ones at Walmart that have potato and cheese, but not the fruit filled. I had a major craving a couple of months ago for a fruit filled pierogi, so I had to make my own.

I had to make my own quark, because none of my stores had it. I have heard that Whole Foods will carry it, but not mine. Click here on how to make a quark substitute.

Then I made the dough using this recipe. I used a glass jar to cut circles in the dough.

I used Polish jelly that I found at Big Lots a couple of months ago.

Then, I spooned a little of the quark and jelly onto the cut out dough.

Folded the dough like a taco and pressed a fork along the edges to seal the pierogi.

Now we are ready to boil them. When the pierogi starts floating, that's when you know that they are ready to take out.

 I sprinkled a little powder sugar on top and it was delicious!

Have you ever made pierogi? Do you have a recipe that you're willing to share?

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