Friday, December 5, 2014

Advent Calendar: Day 5

Read Luke 1:39-45.
Discussion Questions:
Where did Mary go?
Did she go fast or slow to Elizabeth's house?
Why was Elizabeth so happy to see Mary? 
What did the baby do in Elizabeth's tummy? 

Activity: Make a face.
If you don't have any cardboard, use paper plates instead. This is also a great activity for an adopted child who is learning how to appropriately express themselves.

Another option for an activity: 
I suggest making a happy face to go along with our story.

Pray for the orphan care workers and orphanages in the world that are trying to meet the needs of all the orphans. Pray for our churches to see the needs of orphan care around the world and that the Gospel will be proclaimed to the orphans.

Give $.40 for every Bible in your home.

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