Monday, December 1, 2014

Advent Calendar: Day 1

Read John 1:1-18.

Discussion Questions:
What was in the beginning?
Who was in the beginning with God?
What was in Him?
Who sent sent from God as a witness and that all might believe through him?
Who became flesh and lived among us?
Who was the law given through? (Might want to review the Exodus of Israel and read Exodus 19-20)
Who gave grace and truth? (Romans 5:20-21 and John 14:6)

Review: Who was the witness or messenger from God?

Activity: Homemade bullhorn
Take an empty paper towel roll. Decorate it with markers, glitter sequins, stickers, or anything crafty. (I hope to add pictures, once we've completed Day 1.) Your kids will enjoy proclaiming their words loudly through the bullhorn!

We can use the bullhorn to proclaim loudly the message of the one who is to come.

Pray for the 400,000+ foster children in America to have foster homes to take them. Pray for laborers in our churches to meet this growing demand of foster homes. Pray for the Christian foster parents who are sharing the Gospel to their foster children.

Give $2 if your family has a roof over your head. 

We are giving the money we collect to Edgewater's adoption fund. If you would like to collect along side of us, but don't want to give to what we are giving to that's understandable. 

Here are some other suggestions to donate to:
Someone's adoption fund (a friend, coworker or church member)

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