Thursday, November 20, 2014

Travel Craft Box

When you adopt from a foreign country, you have to expect long days (in country) while waiting for a court day, appeal periods (especially in Poland), visas/passports, etc... While we were in Poland some of our days seemed like they would never end because there wasn't much to do outside our apartment-especially with a child who is not familiar with the outside world. We definitely saw the sights in our little town and went to the playground, but after 50 times you can get a little stir crazy.

One idea to not get cabin fever is to pack a craft box in your suitcase filled with small crafting supplies before you get on the plane. Key word here is: before. Why did I not think of packing a craft box in my suitcase? That could have saved my sanity at times. Below is my travel craft box that I would have taken to Poland if I someone would have told me about this cool idea.

Craft box items:
Coloring pencils
Markers (both skinny and fat)
Glue stick
Glue (wrap in a ziplock bag for the plane ride)
Safety Scissors
Colored pens
Mechanical Pencils (if opt for non-mechanical pencil bring a pencil sharpener)
Watercolors with brushes

Craft items that wouldn't fit, but would be a good idea to bring:
A folder with preplanned craft activities
Ideas: practice cutting sheets, coloring sheets, word searches, craft cut outs, and various worksheets. Click on the links below for thousands of ideas. I know that some of you may not be homeschooling your child, but these links have thousands of craft ideas to do while in country. Use their search bar to find holiday worksheets, craft ideas, fine motor skills worksheets, etc...
Construction paper
Kid's washable paint

Did I miss something? What would you put in your travel craft box? Do you have any great printables that you are willing to share?

Click here for the list of things we wished we would've brought to Poland. 

UPDATE: Here are more website for art projects while in country!

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