Monday, November 17, 2014

There is Hope in Healing

For those of you who have emailed me, know the struggles that we faced over 1 year ago with our daughter. It was a hard time for our family.

We learned a lot in the past year.

I just wanted to post a mini update on how my daughter is doing and how we are doing.

I've been observing my daughter closely the past year. Just like a psychologist, doctor, therapist, or some other specialty discipline would. It's amazing what I've found in doing that. And yes, I did take clinical notes on my daughter-call me crazy but I'm glad I did to chart our progress through the year.

When she first came into our care, she was a cat. No, seriously. Her persona was a cat. That's how she acted-on all fours, meowing, and purring. It was cute at first but then we realized that this was her life. She lived her life through animals. That is what we started with- A CAT. Now, ya'll know I love my cats. I love little furballs and they have their place in my life, but not as my human daughter.
I'll never forget our 6 week social worker visit. My daughter came up to the social worker just like a cat would, meowing and purring, waiting for a pet on the head. It was a little embarrassing.

And by the way my daughter did not show any emotions. We had her birthday party shortly after we returned from Poland and we gave her presents to open. Was she happy and excited? Maybe, I couldn't tell. She just kind of stood there like what am I suppose to do with that?

My daughter had never been in school. So schooling her was a hard task for us. Have you ever schooled a human cat? Yea, me either.

We couldn't discipline her. No playground today or no tv today. She didn't care. She would rather play with her fingers or roll up into a ball and pretend to lick herself like a cat.

That's what we started with in our parenting adoption journey.

Now, observing my daughter these past few weeks have been very enlightening. It's amazing to see where she is now. She is a delight to be around. We have fun. She enjoys playing with her toys. She laughs at movies. She can take a shower without me having to be in the shower with her-this is a recent development. I can teach her in school without having a meltdown after meltdown.

I know that there is no such thing as a normal child, but I just want to shout out loud "SHE IS BECOMING A NORMAL CHILD". We still deal with some awkward tendencies in public, but overall she has been doing amazingly great!

We've done a lot of therapeutic parenting this past year to help our daughter heal from the trauma she's experienced in her short life. We've also let her experience what being a kid is all about. We gave her comfort and security.

She has gained 30 lbs. Her brain is growing by leaps and bounds. I am really excited to see what level she takes this next year to!

There is hope in helping the traumatized child heal from terrible wounds!

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