Monday, November 24, 2014

Art Projects for Kids

I have been homeschooling Smalls for over a year now. We are learning how to do the "school thing" and even though I majored in educational psychology and took a lot of education classes I am still learning what works for us. If my degree has taught me one thing, it's that each kid is different. And Smalls is just that a different kid.

We struggled with homeschooling at first because Smalls has not had ANY schooling whatsoever and she was almost 8 when she came into our family. The traditional method of schooling was out the window. At first I bought a "big box" curriculum set because I didn't know where to start. I soon learned that is not going to work for us. So I am creating my own curriculum that works for Smalls (where is the time for this going to come from?). I will post the resources that we are using in our homeschool for others who have also embarked on this endeavor because homeschooling an adopted child has it's own special challenges.

We are half way finished with 1st grade and here are some great art projects or ideas for teaching art that we have found helpful:
-Love this website. You can use the search tool to bring up thousands of ideas!

If you aren't planning on homeschooling your child, these are also great websites to help keep little ones busy during the holidays or while you are in country adopting. Click here for my Travel Craft Box that we would have brought to Poland with us if I had thought of it sooner!

Do you have any great homeschooling art project websites?

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