Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Free Stuff!

Yes, that's right here is a list of free stuff that I have been taking advantage of lately.

Pediasure Powder Mix

Bar S Hotdogs (5 FREE packages)

Lanacane Anti-itch or First Aid Spray

Oxy Skin Facial Cleanser

Precious Cat Litter

Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cat Litter

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Cat Litter

Feline Pine Clumping Litter

*That's a lot of cat litter! If you don't have a cat, maybe now's the time to get one or two, ha ha. Or you could just donate the free litter to the animal shelter.

Cremo Cream Shaving Cream

Cascade Platinum

Tide or Gain- get $10 back for $30 spent on certain products
Deal Idea: Go to CVS this week and purchase 6 Tide or Gain products ($5.94 each) listed in the $10 rebate. Pay $35.64. Receive $10 CVS gift card. Submit your total for this rebate and get a $10 prepaid card. Total out of pocket cost: $15.64 for 6 bottles of detergent. If you use some coupons from coupons.com this deal could get even better!

Kedeem Sparkling Juice (4 FREE bottles)


 Some of these rebates expire in the next couple of months, so take advantage while you can!

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