Sunday, August 10, 2014

To All My Friends of Hypervigilent Children

This post is for you.

Almost everyone you know has children that can take naps in the morning and/or afternoon. Your friends enjoy their "free time" during that time. They catch up on their laundry, cleaning, cooking, or they may even take a nap themselves. Then there is you. You dream of that day that your hypervigilent child would take a nap. You dream that day your child would even get a normal night of sleep (8 or more hours). You just wish that you could spend 30 minutes catching up on your work or just to sit with no noise or distractions.

I get that. I completely understand moms and dads of hypervigilent children. I am one of you.

While on reddit the other day, I came across this awesome-not real- product to help your child go to sleep. I wanted to share it with you all. If only it were a real product we could buy at walmart, wouldn't that make some of our dreams come true!

If you need a funny in your day, watch this video:

If you haven't seen my post on how we help our hypervigilent child go to sleep, click here.

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