Monday, July 7, 2014

Parenting With Love and Logic

As adoptive parents, we are constantly adding tools in our "tool box". Parenting with Love and Logic is a great book for ALL parents, not just adoptive ones.

This book has been a really big help to us as we parent an adoptive child with trauma. I could almost even argue that this book is the best book to read for adoptive parenting with a couple of modifications. There are plenty of books out there to help you with your adoptive child's behaviors and emotional issues and you should read all of them-the majority of them are about the adopted child and not you the adoptive parent. This book has helped me (specifically) to feel in control while my daughter feels like she is in control. It teaches you how to give choices and consequences that overflow from the situation. I could keep going on and on about how great this book is, but you should just read it for yourself to find out.

After reading this book, I feel like I am not losing my hair as much as before. It has made that much of a difference. Using Parenting with Love and Logic and The Connected Child,which are both different books, has helped us with parenting our daughter and keeping us sane at the same time! And staying sane is really important when you are parenting the easy to love and hard to raise child. I couldn't have imagined my life without these 2 books.

Ok, so let's get back to Parenting with Love and Logic and how much I LOVE this book. One more thing about this book. It has taught me to give choices that make my daughter think-not argue, which is great for a child who is prone to getting upset. When I give her 2 choices that end in the same result, she is much happier than when I only give her one choice. I even use this technique with other children and it works! Especially if you are a teacher or if you are around a lot of kids. Who can argue when someone is asking you a question? No one! You are too busy thinking about the choices! This book has given me the tools to stay sane when handling situations with my daughter.

 If you know someone who is about to become a parent via the bio way or the adoption way, buy them this book as a gift. This is a must read for all parents!

And guess what?? They have youtube videos! I love to hear the speakers from Love and Logic talk. They are both entertaining and informative. They make the hardest of parenting situations into funny stories. We all have to laugh about it or we will go crazy parenting the easy to love but hard to raise children!

For those of you who are parenting teenagers, they make a Parenting Teens with Love and Logic.

What are your thoughts on this book? Have you ever heard of it? Read it?

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